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How to play in Thunder Brigade by network?

1.) What you need?


2.) Install the program.

2a.) CHeck your Firewall and turn it off, Windows firewall, too.

3.) Start Hamachi - now you see:

- With the Standby-Button you can go on/off. (Red marked).

- With the Networkbutton you can create a server or join a server. (green marked. (Netzwerk).

- Click on join network now and tip:

ID: Thunder Brigade Server
Passowrd: terenor

Apply, and soon it looks like this. (First picture).

4.) Start Thunder Brigade

5.) Select Multiplayer Game now you see the menu:

- With the button Neu (engl. New) you create a new Thunder Brigade Server. (Red marked)

- With the button Beitreten (engl. Join) you join an exist game. (Green marked). (you can only joined a game when a game exist).

To play somebody must create a Thunder Brigade Server!

5a.) Now you join a game.:

-Select: LAN/WAN TCP/IP (DX5) or LAN/WAN TCP/IP (DX3) and apply with next.

- Now you must tip the IP from the host:

In this example the IP is (red marked with arrow) tip that one in the small window.

6.) Apply. Now you connected on this server with the others, let's play.

It's Important to turn of all your firewalls.

When you have problems with "Hamachi" it helps to reinstall (delete all your options with it) or deinstall and new install (but before you new install, check the registry of windows, to accomplish with "regedit", search for "hamachi" leys and delete it).

Use "Google" for your "Hamachi" problems you find an answer ;)

Author: xXNE091Xx
Pictures: looney

Original text from Thunder Brigade download site.

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